Doctor Who Theme Tune 2005-2007 By Murray Gold
Reviewed by ListenOnRepeat Staff

Imagine Earth is in trouble. Like, really serious trouble. Aliens of the most gruesome sort are trying to invade our planet, and you are not even sure where their next strike will fall. As you call for help, whom would you be relieved to see? Military task force? Wrong. NASA people? Wrong again. It’s a man with a blue police box and a sonic screwdriver that is going to save the day. He may look human to you but he comes from another planet, the sonic screwdriver is his only weapon and the handiest tool, and the blue box is the most intelligent spaceship.

“Doctor Who”, a British science fiction television programme, hardly needs any introduction. It tells the story of a Time Lord – humanoid alien with two hearts who travels time and space in his spaceship/time-machine also known as TARDIS. Every now and then he picks up a companion, always an Earthling, who shares his adventures. One peculiar feature about the Doctor is that after a certain period of time he regenerates, completely changing his appearance. Up till now there have been eleven Doctors.

The original “Doctor Who” theme was composed by Ron Grainer and realized by Delia Derbyshire in 1963 at the BBC Radio Workshop. It was one of the first electronic music signature tunes for television. After five decades it remains one of the most easily recognizable. During the history of the series the tune has been modified several times to match the opening credits. In 2005 when the show was revived Murray Gold made a new arrangement using samples of the original 1963 tune and the sound effect of materializing TARDIS.

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