Thrift Shoppin
Reviewed by ListenOnRepeat Staff

“Thrift Shop” is the fifth and last single on Macklemore’s current album “The Heist.” Released
in August 2012 on the rapper’s independent label, the single gathered unpredicted commercial
success and topped US Billboard Hot 100 at number 2. The track is written by Macklemore
himself, produced by Ryan Lewis and features vocals of another American singer, Michael
Wansley, better known as Wanz.

A video directed by Jon Jon Augustavo with the assistance of Ben Haggerty (Macklemore) and
Ryan Lewis was shot to support the release. Shooting took place in Macklemore’s hometown
Seattle, and locations included several shopping outlets, such as Goodwill, Value Village and a
couple smaller ones.

Both Macklemore and Ryan Lewis appear in the video sporting enormous size fur coats. One of
the details which can’t possibly pass unnoticed is an authentic Delorean driven by Ryan Lewis.
The song went to be platinum in early 2013, and in his official blog Macklemore wrote how
grateful he was to the fans who made this happen.

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