The Radioactive Story
Reviewed by ListenOnRepeat Staff

Released in April, 2012, “Radioactive” became a promotional single for “Imagine Dragons”
debut studio album “Night Vision”. It was written by the band and produced by Alex da Kid.
Both the single and the album were positively accepted by the audience.

Video shooting took place in New York later in the year. It was directed by music video
direction group Syndrome (James Larese) and features Lou “Diamond” Phillips, Alexandra
Daddario and studio “Puppet Heap”. The plot evolves around an ominous fight club for puppets
where losers fall into dungeons to join the band members already suffering there. Alexandra
Daddario and a pink stuffed bear are out on a quest to save their friends and defeat the evil club
owner (Lou “Diamond” Phillips).

The shooting was interrupted by natural causes when hurricane Sandy attacked the Northeastern
coast. The team had to wrap up, and after several days spent in New York, the band was
evacuated and headed to London to finish the production. As the vocalist Dan Reynolds said,
they considered themselves lucky because “we made it out with our health.”

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