Brown's Fine China
Reviewed by ListenOnRepeat Staff

“Fine China” belongs to the American recording artist Chris Brown. It became the first single
from his upcoming sixth studio album “X” which is scheduled for 2013. The single, produced by
Leon Youngblood Jr. ("RoccStar") and G'harah "PK" Degeddingseze, was released on April 1,

While giving the single and the accompanying video a general good reception, the critics
couldn’t help marking the heavy resemblance of Brown’s sound as well as outfit and general
image to Michael Jackson of “Smooth Criminal” and “Beat It” period, with lighter inspirations
from Prince, Sam Cooke and Phil Collins. Brown confirms that the King of Pop has always been
his biggest muse.

Talking about the video, which Brown co-directed together with Sylvain White, he revealed that
he wanted to go “more cinematic” and unleash the entertaining aspect. He also claimed that he
is a big cinema lover. The plot of the video revolves around a forbidden love between Brown’s
character and an Asian girl, whose father chases them down. Once again Brown heavily borrows
from Michael Jackson in his dance-moves-cum-fighting-skills while showing his date the city
night life and protecting her from her father’s goons. Summarizing the video, Brown said: “It's
comparing a woman to how priceless and delicate she is.”

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