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Video Review Ylvis - The Fox

Ylvis consists of two brothers, Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker, and is a Norwegian variety show. They made their professional debut at the theater in the city of Bergen where they currently live. The show was called “Ylvis – a cabaret”, and a song called “Rumor says” was recorded and pressed as a CD-single for the occasion. It was sold during the show but never went to the shops.

Since then the brothers have had several tours, shows, were guests and hosts at various TV shows in Norway. Another big release was a DVD with their “challenging and surreal musical comedy” YLVIS III which was recorded while on tour.

In September 2013 Ylvis uploaded to YouTube a song called “The Fox” which went viral. The lyrics describe sounds of different animals and then state a question – what sound does a fox make? The video features people in animal costumes, a group of dancers and a psychedelic computer fox.

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